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(work in progress by Rosemarie L. Coste, Ph.D.)

Thank you for your interest in Scribionics, the company through which my consulting services are available. Through Scribionics, I help creative thinkers communicate their ideas, whether that means editing a scientific paper, customizing a blog, designing a business presentation, or any other project combining my skills in information technology and human language. If you have a big idea and are seeking help in sharing it, contact me ('rose' at '') and we may be able to work together.
If you are curious about my scholarly projects, please visit my hypertextual-ultrastructures site for a link to my dissertation and related material; my CV lists my publications, presentations, and research interests.

Talk to me; give me your rough notes; let me observe your work in progress and interview your subject-matter experts. By paying attention to details and asking the right questions, I can document your standard operating procedures (SOP), manufacturing work instructions (MWI), and other activities you may take for granted, providing you with material suitable for training new employees, satisfying regulatory requirements, and recovering from disasters. I have created user-support material such as online help files and printed manuals, as well as training material and internal-use documents used to guide technical support personnel. Your business may rely on special knowledge stored only in the minds of special people; I can help you make sure that knowledge is clearly recorded, safely stored, and appropriately shared.

Favorite tools for this purpose: MS Office,, Help & Manual, SharePoint, digital video

I have proofread, edited, and sometimes re-written, long and short documents on a variety of scholarly, scientific, technical, business, and creative subjects. If you have collected your ideas but you just don't like how they are coming together, I can polish your work into something we can both be proud of.

Favorite tools for this purpose: MS Office,, Acrobat Pro, Open Journal Systems

One of the most effective ways I have found to communicate complex ideas is with art: I begin with a well-chosen drawing, photograph, or screenshot, and wrap layers of supporting detail and explanation around it. Some readers will learn most from the illustration, while others will learn most from the words; properly balanced and combined, words and images make it possible for all kinds of thinkers to understand each other and work together.

Favorite tools for this purpose: Visio, Fireworks, SnagIt, OpenOffice Draw, Corel Draw, PowerPoint, OpenOffice Impress, PhotoShop, Corel Photo-Paint, Irfanview, Flash, Studio DV, Windows Movie Maker

Some business-critical projects are more about finding ways to organize previously-determined content into a specific container than about creating the words and images themselves. I can work with you on designing small publications such as business cards, stationery, product packaging, labels, safety inserts, catalogs, brochures, signs, flyers, and advertisements.

I also have in-depth experience with the administrative and technical matters, including applications for patents, trademarks, and Universal Product Codes (barcodes), that often underlie seemingly-simple business publications: it can take a great deal of good writing to put a package on a store shelf!

Favorite tools for this purpose: Publisher, The Print Shop, Pagemaker, LogoMaker, WaspLabeler, P-touch

Publishing on paper can be a short-term project: compose and print the message, distribute it to the right audience, and move on to the next task. Electronic publication, however, requires ongoing supervision and care: is your Web site being watched over by a good webmaster?

As your webmaster, I can maintain and customize your site's software to keep up with changes in your business activities, your customers' expectations, and the ever-evolving Web itself. I can perform search engine optimization (SEO) to help bring new traffic to your site, and I can monitor your site's workload and make appropriate adjustments to keep it running smoothly. I can help your site expand to use new features, from announcements in a blog to an online shopping cart to feature-rich interactive communities such as forums and wikis.

While my current focus is on technical communication, my work history includes many years in on-call technical support and I am often able to assist clients with issues that are related to their home or business computer systems rather than their Web publications; software and hardware upgrades, network configuration, data recovery, and virus removal are examples of my local support activities.

Favorite tools for this purpose: Dreamweaver, Expression Web, WHM cPanel, MySQL, PHP, phpMyAdmin, StatCounter, Google Analytics, osCommerce, WordPress, Simple Machines Forum, phpWiki

My classroom teaching experience includes several varieties of English composition and technical writing; if you would like to become a better writer, for professional or personal purposes, I can help you with that.

In addition to preparing my own classroom presentations, I have developed teaching material—presentations, handouts, exercises, evaluations—to be presented by others, experts in their own fields who wished to share their knowledge but were unprepared to teach. If you are in that situation, I can also help you learn to teach.

Outsite the classroom, I have successfully taught non-technicians to maintain their own Web pages, as well as to make more effective use of office productivity software such as Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Excel. I have helped graduate and undergraduate students, faculty members, administrators, and administrative assistants become more skillful and confident in using the communication tools available to them; I may be able to help you, too.

Favorite tools for this purpose: WebCT, Camtasia, PowerPoint, Contribute, Skype

If you would like my help in any of these areas, or if you would like to talk about ideas not mentioned here, please send a note to 'rose' at '' and we can begin developing a plan.



scribionics: writing, editing, illustration, design, support, instruction  = scribe + bionics

scribe is a professional writer, usually one who writes on behalf of others.

bio- describes anything alive. For example, although many of the readers and writers on the Web are artificial, I am alive; are you?

bionic describes a combination of the living and the electronic. A person whose natural abilities are augmented technologically might be bionic.

scribionic is an adjective coined by Elishalom Yechiel to describe me, a writer who uses the best-suited available technology to express human ideas and advance human communication. If you use computers to help you write, you might be scribionic, too!


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